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CGA Officers & Responsibilities

- - Clements Lucky 7 Officers - -

Board meetings are scheduled as needed. Board meetings are open to all. See description of duties below.

2017 Officers/Board

President: Stacey Kresha
Vice President: Sally Rivera


Stacy Rivera
Shannon Rahn
Computer/ Entries/
Show Secretary:
Terrie Runge, Kim Whitcombe


Angela Rivera
Equipment Mgr./Set-up:

Clair Amador

Equipment Take Down: Round Up The Troops!
Grounds: Shannon Rahn
Sound System: John Kresha
Daily High Point Awards:

Grace Becker

Year End Awards: Shannon Rahn
Garbage: Sam Rivera
Webmaster: Sally Rivera
Show Manager: Stacey Kresha & Shannon Rahn


- - Description of Duties - -

Officers and Board Members are expected to attend a majority of shows and meetings, perform the duties of their position, and help with running the shows. Officers/Board Members serve until the next Clements Lucky 7 Year End Awards.

President/Show Manager: The President is responsible for running all meetings and organizing other members of the board for any judgment calls necessary. They play a key role in interaction at shows with membership, and are expected to address any member's concerns. They are the first line of communication for the Club. The President is also responsible for creating order at each meeting and creating an agenda for said meetings.

This person needs to be at each show. He/She is expected to arrange show events, make sure there is plenty of help available, help set up / tear down the arena at the shows. This person is responsible for addressing any concerns of membership or guest at shows, and is expected to be professional and courteous to all participants. This person is also an available contact for any rider who needs to find out information regarding the Club.

Vice-President: The Vice-President is expected to assist the President at the shows, and is responsible for all of the President's duties in his/her absence.

Secretary: Responsible for bringing the agenda to each Board meeting, taking minutes at all Board meetings, and providing previous Board meeting minutes to all Board members.

Treasurer: This position is most demanding. This individual is expected to keep track of all economic activity of the club. This includes the cash box for the Club, payment of all bills including the arena, High Point and any miscellaneous activity found necessary to operate our club. Must be a conscientious person.

Computer/Show Secretary: This person need not be computer literate. The program is user friendly. The computer person is responsible for laptop, laser printer, paper (both white and pink) and all office materials needed to run each show. Must transport all necessary items to/from show, enter all rider times into the computer (or enlist assistance) and produce after show paper work for show. This person is also responsible for storing all show packets for the season. A listing of all High Point winners at each show should be emailed to the Webmaster for publication. This position would be ideal for a non-rider.

Grounds: This individual(s) need to be familiar with heavy equipment such as tractors and water trucks. This person is expected to arrive the day before show dates and prepare safe riding conditions for all riders. This person needs to be able to work the grounds for each show date or make arrangements for those that they are unable to attend. This person also must meet Clements Stampede Arena's criteria.

Equipment: This position requires someone that can get to the shows early to load all necessary equipment from the container for the running of the show, and place it in the arena for use, then pick up the equipment at the end of the show weekend and return it to the container for storage until the next show. Also, this person(s) ensures there is sufficient equipment, all damaged equipment is fixed, and there is sufficient lime and sand for the show weekend.

Membership & Entries: This position takes rider sign-ups at each show, and maintains a listing of all members and those signed up for Year End Awards. These lists are emailed to the Webmaster for publication.

Helper List: This position solicits helpers for all regular events at each show, listing them on a Helper List (judge, arena help, gate keeper, announcer & time writer).

Daily Show Awards: This position is responsible for purchasing High Point awards for all club shows. Must be a creative person when thinking about High Point awards, and stay within a budget. This person(s) is responsible for distributing the awards to riders at the end of each show.

Year End Awards: This position is responsible for purchasing all of the High Point Year End Awards for all eligible persons. Must be a creative person when thinking about Year End awards, and stay within a budget.

Webmaster: This person updates the club website, including all show dates, officers, members and persons signed up for Year End Awards at the club level, as well as publishing forms and performing other website maintenance.

Trash: This person is responsible for picking up and emptying all of the trash cans at the end of each show weekend.

Clements Lucky 7 Board Members are: Individuals who can bring new and creative ideas to our club. Must be able to attend majority of shows and board meetings. Should be an active participant at shows. Expected to arrive early at show dates and help get equipment ready for shows, mark out arena with show management, help with the running of the shows, and be able to jump in wherever necessary. Also expected to stay after shows and help clean up show grounds and put equipment away.

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