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Are you a member of Clements Lucky 7 for the 2018 show season?

Registered members for the show season are shown below. Membership is only $5, good until the end of the show season. Clements Lucky 7 Year End Awards are $15. Sign-ups are at every show. Membership is only good until the end of the calendar year. Clements Lucky 7 forms are on-line and available for download. (Click on Forms.) Clements Lucky 7 Year End Awards are at the local club level only.

To be eligible for Clements Lucky 7 Year End Awards, each rider:

  • Must be a current member in good standing with Clements Lucky 7,
  • Must compete in a minimum of 35 classes (12 for Lead Line) at Clements Lucky 7 shows - NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • + Points will only count towards the Clements Lucky 7 Year End Awards Program from the date you submit the Year End Awards form.
  • + Year End Award Participants are REQUIRED to work one event at each show for points to count for that show.

If a horse becomes unable to complete the requirements, the rider may transfer mounts and number of participating shows/events, but may not transfer points accumulated from the prior mount.

Updated 21-mar-18
2017 Members:
(so far)
YEA Mount(s)
(if any)
Kyra Allemand Super Ricochet
Kim Baroni  
Merin Bender Star
Lisa Bradley Stuck On Stupid
Kayla Brehm Olena
Lynette Brehm Poco Katalinco
Emily Courpet Lucky Charm
Susie Courpet Blue
Maddy Dutra Razz
Deryn Fredette Angus
Judy Harris Frenchie
Karin Hoffee Miss Skookum
Becky Kolano Sadie
Stacey Kresha Mini Coop
Kellie Little Misty
Jillian Lubniewski Roxy
Susan Mann Poco's Smokin Joker
Vicki McDaniel Chaos
Jordan Odell Doc of the Bay
Dustee Rahn Dallas
Shannon Rahn Decco Chessmaster
Angela Rivera Decco Double Vision
Sally Rivera  
Sam Rivera Hobby's Moonlight
Stacy Rivera  
Alexis Schaede Buster
Kareen Schaede Rooster
Jeannette Stewart Turbo
Cheyenne Strongheart Gunner
Jeannie Strongheart Lucy
Kimberlee Whitcombe Kessiah
Kimberlee Whitcombe Winns Smoken Gun
Micah Whitcombe Smokie
Tara Woodard Zen

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